A Writer, A Musician

Anyone who follows my blog or sees my posts on social media knows I’m a writer. It’s pretty much all I talk about. I guess I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for the written word!

But I’m also a musician. Been a guitar player since the age of 13. So… a long time.

I’m excited to announce that my band and I released our debut EP, titled¬†Penance. The digital album is now available on bandcamp.com, and soon we’ll be releasing it on itunes and other formats. We’ll also be producing physical copies as well!


You can listen to one of our songs free on Youtube,¬†“Wendigo Carnage Psychosis”.

And you can preview our music on bandcamp before you buy.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Thanks for reading! And if death metal isn’t your thing, please share with anyone you know who might enjoy our music!