Pen of the Damned


Seven flash fiction stories, one photo. Check out what Pen of the Damned​ has to offer this month on ‘Damned Words 26’ including my own interpretation, ‘An Opulent End’

Includes stories by Brian Moreland​, Jon Olson​, John Potts​ Jr, Mark Steinwachs​, A.F. Stewart​, Christopher A Liccardi​, Joseph A. Pinto​, and Nina D’Arcangela​

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Pen of the Damned is a collection of dark tales told by those who freely dive into the maw of damnation and live to tell their stories. Every Tuesday a new story is posted to the site by one of its handful of eclectic writers. And once or twice a cycle, the members write their interpretation of a photo prompt as a group post. The stories are short and not so sweet, with a lingering aftertaste of terror.

If you haven’t checked out the site I dare you to take a look into the pitch black, if only to see if you can find the light again.

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