Lee Forman is a fiction writer and editor from the Hudson Valley, NY. His fascination with literature began in childhood, reading everything he could get his hands on. He’s a third generation horror fanatic, starting with his grandfather who was a fan of the classic Hollywood Monsters. His work has been published in horror magazines, anthologies, websites, and podcasts. He’s an editor for Sirens Call Publications and writes for the horror fiction website PenoftheDamned.com. He also writes for The Lift podcast and Living Paranormal Magazine.

He started his career with nothing more than some college ruled notebooks and a pen. He began scrawling any and all ideas down in his spare time and eventually they grew and became stories. He finally decided it was time to get serious and start getting published. Since then, he’s published short stories, flash fiction, podcast episodes, articles, guest blog posts; the list goes on.

In October 2014 his short story, Scrap Paper, won 3rd place in the Writer’s Carnival Short Story Contest hosted by Sanitarium Magazine.

In February 2015 he was a competitor in David Wellington’s Fear Project.

In March 2015 his story The Kids of Rock Hill placed in the top 10 of Inkitt.com’s Running Scared Horror Story Contest.




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