‘A Passing Discomfort’

My newest flash fiction is available to read today on www.penofthedamned.com. This one is titled A Passing Discomfort. It’s a bit of a ‘departure’ from what I normally write (monsters and gore) but I think you’ll find it to your liking. This one is published in the collection, Damned Echoes 4, along with the work of many other talented authors!

Damned Echoes 4 – Pen of the Damned



This week read Damned Echoes 4, a collection of short pieces by all of us at Pen of the Damned, including my own short piece titled ‘A Passing Discomfort.’ I’d also like to welcome our newest member, Brian Moreland to the group! Get a taste of his work this week on Damned Echoes 4. 

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Damned Words 19 – Reblogged from Pen of the Damned @Sotet_Angyal @PenoftheDamned

The Road to Nowhere...

Damned Words 19

reblogged from Pen of the Damned – nine horror/dark fiction writers interpret one photograph in 100 words each…


Joseph A. Pinto

Yes, your prize, your trophy, your prop for the world to behold. Framed by unflinching eyes, supported by hands unshaken. So vivid, your portrayal. Like the seasons, your dichotomy appreciated only by a clear lens and a distorted view. Yet the approaching tempest goes unnoticed; still the limbs go ravaged. Revel in the fall, revel in the winds that blow. Landscapes resculpted, reimagined by the inevitable. Yes, revel in the lie, for beneath the illusion, the splendor, remains a truth you cannot speak: you have broken the chlorophyll down. Life you present, while around you death rejoices all the while.

The Autumn Quietus
Lee A. Forman

The fresh, healthy colors turned, became the tones of decay. Dillon breathed deep the scent of rot with a…

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