Trumpet Blowing. And Why Not?

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Ladies and gentlemen, you know me by now. I am not especially proficient at blowing my own trumpet. But seeing as I have a book to promote, I thought it prudent to at least let you know that I’ve got a trumpet. Here is my metaphorical trumpet:

received_10154645040063455.jpeg Click here to pre-order! Go on!

…And here is the blowing of the trumpet, beautifully done by a very kind reader Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, a lady of vast intellectual talents:

Novels of pure fantasy aside, if one of the things you most enjoy about reading is roaming around in a world you’d never visit otherwise, you will find this unique take on a bit of Britain enchanting.  I certainly did.

Even though I kept promising myself that I’d stop after the very next section, I was hooked by the author’s use of words and carefully crafted pacing – more so as I became…

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